Although the business has expanded beyond our wildest dreams, our philosophy hasn’t changed. The company’s ethos is defined by building relationships with our clients which aim to achieve and maintain a high level of excellence. There are four core values that outline MicroNet Infotech’s culture and that we strive to live by, this can be summed up in a sentence:

To respect the needs of each of our clients by offering them professionalism whilst carrying out any query and upholding integrity when giving our expert advice to ensure that they are able to trust in us.


MicroNet has a range of services designed for various types of businesses, allowing a flexible and professional approach to IT support that is currently unrivalled in the industry. These services are constantly being updated and revised to fit well with businesses such as yours.

Our solutions are built on a clear understanding of your business, existing systems and future requirements. Working in partnership with you we can understand your business requirements and expectations to design pertinent business-led solutions. Using our experience, we are confident of our ability to offer you the right solution to meet your requirements. We can offer total or incremental solutions to suite your budget and stage of development. We can help you pick your way through the jungle of choices with confidence in a cost-effective result that will achieve your aims.

MicroNet understands how to integrate pc’s and servers into a properly structured network. MicroNet installation services cover a variety of different set-up and integration tasks, allowing you to get on with your business without interruption.

When it comes to adding extra services to your systems, such as storage, e-mail or anti-virus to name but a few, MicroNet has all the experience you need. Our flexible team can provide a complete service, tailored to your specific needs.

MicroNet has built up experience in a variety of environments, some of which are:

MicroNet user support is delivered by a dedicated team of Service Desk engineers, providing telephone and remote support. This team is augmented by a highly qualified team of Field Engineers who visit client sites as scheduled or as need be, depending upon the client’s service.

Some clients opt for an All Inclusive contract, in which monthly fees are fixed. Others opt for Variable Rate agreements, where fees vary according to demand and usage. Overall, we aim for flexibility.

Others retain us to enhance an in-house IT function via our Complementary Service model. Beyond this, we tailor individual support agreements to suit individual clients and their organisational requirements.

All-in-all MicroNet’s IT support service is designed around the needs of clients and their individual users. Our engineers, backed by the power of The MicroNet’s platform, deliver exceptional responsiveness and accountability.

We are constantly improving our skills