MiVPN is our entry level firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) product, providing a reliable network connection between two or more sites.

What is a VPN? A VPN allows secure and reliable site to site private connection, using the Internet as a backbone, rather than a more expensive and less reliable technology such as ISDN or office-to-office leased lines. Typically these are permanent connections linking small branch offices or home users to the central office. We can give you secure access to all systems from any network , using a standard ADSL line and MiVPN.

Your VPN can be online within minutes . The routers will be pre-configured by our skilled technicians, allowing you to ‘Plug and Play’… Routers can also be installed on-site by one of our engineers if you prefer – and MiVPN isn’t limited to ADSL and­ it can be configured with most Internet connections.