WHAT WE DO - Disaster Recovery

What is your businesses data worth to you as a company? Would your company still be able to function if you were unable to access the data?

Disaster Recovery is the process of providing advanced business continuity for IT systems. Anyone who deals with IT systems on a daily basis will agree that IT has become increasingly critical to ensure the smooth operation of a company. Most small and large businesses these days prefer to spend a small amount of their IT budget on disaster recovery planning, with the aim of avoiding larger losses in the event that a business cannot continue to function due to loss of IT infrastructure and data.

So, regardless of how large or small your business organization is we will design a plan that will work to your needs. MicroNet understand the importance of recovering IT infrastructure which is why we set up unique plans for each of our clients. Before providing you with a bespoke technical solution plan, we will first analyse your business which will enable us to construct a plan that works best for you and your business whether it be a day to day backup policy, a business continuity plan or a business wide disaster recovery plan.

  • The three processes that our plans are designed around are:
    Protective process – Our trained technicians will aim to prevent disasters from occurring.
  • Detective process – Our technicians will aim to detect or discover unwanted events, so we can then fix the situation before they even occur.
  • Remedial process – In the case that a disaster does occur our technicians will correct or restore the system after the disaster or event has taken place.

Imagine being able to restore the service within 30 minutes and save the company from getting into a crisis.