WHAT WE DO - Full IT Support

A single point of contact for support and maintenance services.

MicroNet Full IT Support provides a single point of contact for your networking support and maintenance solutions, with the comfort of knowing your service requirements are supported by enhanced expertise that you need. MicroNet uses sophisticated systems that deliver a standard of proactive and remote maintenance that is normally only experienced by large organisations.

We use the latest industry software, on our centrally managed console, to run a report on all our clients’ machines for virus or malware threats. Any machines that have not successfully quarantined these threats be investigated immediately by the support team.

In brief

  • Round the clock monitoring of your servers and critical systems
  • Installing patches and security updates
  • Check backups are successful
  • Managing firewalls and other security devices
  • Keeping anti-virus and anti-spam software up-to-date

Proactive thinking in all our processes

Proactive maintenance is standard across all our clients’ workstations and servers. To ensure your workflow is never disrupted, we use remote maintenance tools and schedule most tasks to run automatically out-of-hours.

Daily checks

We run an exhaustive list of systems checks first thing every morning in order to identify any problems with both our clients and our own infrastructure. With MicroNet you can rely on careful maintenance that goes well beyond the basics.