WHAT WE DO - Infrastructure Review & Audit

Many computer networks within companies do not perform to their most effective. This could be due to a number of reasons, including legacy (or outdated) systems, non-performing parts of the Infrastructure or conflicts between hardware or software.

MicroNet can provide your business with an in-depth Infrastructure Auditing service leaving you with a fresh view on your network and whether improvements and upgrades can be made. MicroNet has a successful track record in providing our clients with a number of different options for audits, whether they are a one-off or a regular/periodic audit. Additionally we are able to provide a different thought methodology allowing us to investigate methods to consolidate large networks or infrastructure and save your business money.

We work with you to audit your IT systems, pinpointing areas of weakness and recommending key areas for improvement. But, we do not ignore your IT budgets. We audit your IT Infrastructure with cost-analysis recommendations for improvements.

Clients have provided us with great feedback from the audits as they have allowed them to build in capacity planning by sharing their future plans with MicroNet’s highly qualified engineers.

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