WHAT WE DO - Security Services

MicroNet has the expertise and a proven track-record to help our clients to protect their networks and data from both external and internal security threats. We know that information is a vital resource for any business and is the key to a company’s growth and success. However, MicroNet cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that all information held on your IT systems are secured. Especially with hacking tolls now widely available, the impact of a security breach may be far greater than you would expect.

You are able to trust MicroNet to battle off any potential threats that can not only affect your competitiveness and in turn your cash flow but also damage your reputation which may have taken you years to establish.

Tackling these malicious threats often need expert solutions and MicroNet have years of experience which allows us to deploy and assess IT security policies. Over the years we have become familiar with the various types of disastrous security issues faced by even the largest of businesses.

Even though, we provide external protection such as better access for employees by allowing them to work remotely. In parallel, we also create strict internal security policies that you would want in action in order to protect your business data from being copied, misused or deletion.  Some of our policies include access restriction, web filtering as well as configuring group security policies.

How does our security policy work?

MicroNet does not offer predetermined solutions. Simply because we treat our clients as individuals and give them the individual attention that they deserve. Prior to MicroNet creating a unique security policy for your company we would need to establish the following:

  • What route your business takes
  • What your current network or security frame work is
  • What your access/ restriction requirements are
  • How much you would like to spend

Having answered all the above questions our team will analyse your businesses requirements in further detail and document the security policy that will work best for your business. MicroNet has an exceptional technical team who are highly trained in network and security solutions. Therefore, we can assure you that with our help you will get the best results.